Meghan Tahbaz


Meghan Tahbaz is a graduating senior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with an emphasis in neurobiology, and a minor in Nutritional Sciences. Her passions include improving geriatric long-term care and increasing healthy living literacy in the community. With these goals in mind, she hopes to become a physician and create policy changes to improve healthcare delivery. 

Currently, she is conducting her honors thesis at the Stahl Lab in Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology where she studies the thermogenic activity of brown and beige adipose tissues. Her research is implicated in Metabolic syndrome and may serve as a basis for future investigations into combating obesity. She is also a State Advisor in Healthy Living for the California 4-H program where she writes curriculum to discuss topics such as exercise, emotional well-being, and injury prevention.

This summer, she hopes to gain a better understanding of how the local Los Angeles government supports senior citizens and youth in leading healthy lives. As a native Angeleno, she is determined to provide her community with strategies to improve quality of life and the means to engage in healthy living behaviors.