Marandah Field-Elliot

2018 to 2019
Center for Reproductive Rights
Placement Location:
Washington DC
Political Science & American Studies with a Focus on Gender in Law and Society
Santa Barbara, California
Marandah Field-Elliot spent her Berkeley years expanding and protecting the autonomy, rights, and justice those who been impacted by sexual violence and reproductive injustice. Her first year on campus, she became a member of the ASUC Sexual Violence Commission, working to change campus policy, execute demonstrations, and teach consent workshops for conferences, parties, and meetings. Building on that experience, Marandah became the Development Director of Cal Berkeley Democrats, before running for a competitive seat on the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) Senate at Berkeley. She used that seat to represent the needs of LGBTQ+ students, advocate for survivors of sexual violence, and expand access to reproductive health. She has ended her Berkeley career as Chief of Staff to the ASUC President, where she manages a thirty-person staff and oversees programming and policy advocacy efforts.
In addition to this campus work, Marandah has been at the forefront of a statewide initiative to expand access to medication abortion at California public universities. As a Co-Director of Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ) at Berkeley, Marandah joined a new campaign in March of 2016 to implement medication abortion at the UC Berkeley Student Health Center. After engaging in campus organizing and encountering roadblocks at the University level, SURJ took their fight to Sacramento. Marandah aided in the creation of Senate Bill 320 (D-Leyva), a California State Senate bill that would mandate all California public universities provide medication abortion. Since SB 320 was introduced, Marandah participated in legislative advocacy, engaged in campus organizing, managed press communications, and published writing in national news sources such as Teen Vogue. In the summer after graduation, Marandah will work full-time as a Campus Organizer for the Women’s Foundation of California as SB 320 moves through the end of the 2018 legislative cycle in September. Passionate about theater arts and storytelling, Marandah will also work on writing a historical musical this summer.
As a Gardner Fellow, Marandah’s placement will be at the Center for Reproductive Rights in Washington, DC.