Kenna Falk

Oakland City Attorney’s Office
Legal Studies & Psychology

Kenna Falk is a graduating senior at Cal, graduating with a dual degree in Psychology and Legal Studies. She has pursued her interest in government and law by participating in Cal in the Capital, where she interned with the Grants Management Team in the United States Department of Education, as well as by studying international and Irish Constitutional law while studying abroad in Dublin. She looks forward to being able to serve as a Matsui Local Government Fellow, where she hopes to develop an understanding of how government operates on a local level to directly impact the bay community she now calls home. Additionally, she hopes this experience will help inform future academic and professional pursuits, including obtaining a graduate degree in Public Policy or Law.

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College students and recent graduates are asked, “What was your major?” almost as often as they check some form of social media. As a Psychology and Legal Studies double-major, I have grown accustomed to the initial confusion or long pause that follows; however, after a moment of reflection I...
As the sun beat down on the sea of graduates in Memorial Stadium, I could not help but wonder who thought black polyester robes were a good idea. But that was beside the point; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was giving an inspirational speech regarding the true meaning of our newly donned...