James Mitchell

Professor of Public Policy, Co-Director, Academy of Government
University of Edinburgh

James Mitchell is Co-Director of the Academy of Government and Professor of Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh. James joined the University in 2013, prior to which he held appointments at the Universities of Sheffield and Strathclyde. His interests are primarily in territorial politics and government, specifically: multilevel governance and the territorial dimensions of public policy; regionalism and nationalism; and political behaviour with special reference to sub-state levels of government.

James is currently completing a book on 'The Scottish Question', informing debates on Scottish independence, setting these into wider historical and public policy contexts. He co-authored (with Chris Carman in Glasgow University and Rob Johns in Essex University) a study of the 2011 Scottish elections which will published later this year. He is also working on a book on constitutional conventions drawing on a recent British Academy grant studying the papers of the Scottish Constitutional Convention. Recently, James served as a member of the Christie Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services.