Elizabeth Householder

Department of Education
American Studies, emphasis on Politics, Policy, and Justice

Elizabeth Householder is a 4th-year transfer student at Cal majoring in American Studies with emphasis on Politics, Policy, and Justice. She has just finished up her senior thesis in the American Studies department on the Hyphy Movement as it relates to low-income communities, and is excited to begin working on her second thesis in Washington D.C. on educational policy. She hopes that her time in D.C. will be spent learning about different perspectives and ways of governance, in order to utilize that knowledge when returning to the Bay Area, her lifelong home. 


Lincoln memorial and reflecting pool photo by Ingfbruno
Elizabeth Householder, Matsui Washington Fellows
As I’m writing this, I’m in Jersey City in a hotel with my family with a perfect view of the Manhattan Skyline. This little vay-cay that I’ve attached to the end of my time in D.C. has made me realize that this program is so much more than just about my own experience – its about opportunity for me...
Union Station, DC by Jeffrey Zeldman
Elizabeth Householder, Matsui Washington Fellows
Last week was the last week of the program for the UCDC quarter students (basically everyone except for Berkeley, Merced, and the private schools). This just so happened to be the first week in the last three months where the temperatures broke 70°F. That is to say that last week was filled with...
Elizabeth Householder, Matsui Washington Fellows
This week at the Department of Education there are four hearing regarding the recently released 2017 budget, as well as acting Secretary John King’s confirmation hearing. Working in the legislative affairs department, this essentially means an incredible amount of preparation and a lot of meetings...
Elizabeth Householder, Matsui Washington Fellows
As I write this, it is now my second official snow day. As a California native who never really ventured to far from home, I must admit this is still all amazingly surprising and surreal, to say the least. The first time I saw snow was last week. I was so shocked I halted in my tracks in awe to...