Dasha Burns

United Nations Information Centre
Anthropology and Media Studies
"The hopeful idealism of passionate youth, the sense of duty of a devoted citizen, and the unquenchable curiosity of a UC Berkeley academic inspired me to experience the endless possibilities of our nation’s capital through the UCDC program. A semester in Washington D.C. will allow me to take one massive step closer to becoming the kind of individual I hope to one day be in this world. This opportunity provides the chance to both further my career goals and put into practical use the knowledge and skills I have gained from my UC Berkeley education. I am so grateful to the Matsui Center for allowing me to take full advantage of this incredible opportunity as a Matsui Washington Fellow."


I am sitting here in utter disbelief that my time in D.C. has come to an end so quickly. Just as suddenly as I dove into the complex and thrilling political waters of the city, I emerged drenched in new wisdom, having gained invaluable experience and incredible friendships. And the end did not, by...
I have absolutely no sense of direction. I still get lost even in my own hometown. Therefore, adjusting to a new city is always a long and arduous process. I have tried many methods to get myself to better understand where on earth I’m going. I have stared at Google Maps until I was blurry-eyed,...
I celebrated my 22nd birthday this weekend. After indulging in several emotional waves of nostalgia and reminiscence, I found myself back in the present and highly aware of the current circumstances. I am twenty-two years old. I am in my final semester of college. I am in Washington, D.C. I am...
I recently finished watching the seven incredible seasons of The West Wing. It’s absolutely enrapturing. But it’s a dramatic TV show meant to engage devoted audiences; it bears little resemblance to reality. At least that is what I would try tell myself as I fixated on the screen - mouth agape -...