The IGS Library is one of the nation’s major collections in public administration, public affairs, and public policy. The library holds more than 400,000 volumes and is a depository for California local government documents.

Special collections include California Reapportionment Archives and California Election Campaign Ephemera. Pamphlets and unbound reports from a broad range of public interest organizations, research institutes and government agencies are the heart of the collection, which dates from 1921.

The library’s Ballot Measure Guides help scholars and voters to understand California's initiative process, its digital collections bring local government documents to your desktop, and the library’s reference service provides assistance to the Cal community and to members of the public who have questions regarding public policy and politics.

New in the IGS Library

Rich People's movementsRich People's Movements, by Isaac William Martin, asserts that recent Tea Party-like protest movements draw many of their key features from movements on the Left -- from the Populists and Progressives of the early 20th century to the anti-war activists and feminists of the 1960s and 1970s.

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library books imageJoin us on Friday Sept. 19 for a session on library resources at IGS and UC Berkeley. Learn about the hundreds of databases and top notch data rsources available at UC Berkeley.
All in the IGS community are welcome!

Friday September 19
Matsui Study Room 
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