What the Dome Embodies

Cal-in-Sac Fellow Yvonne Dorantes with legislative staff

The dome at the California Capitol building not only covers those inside from the three digit weather, a bright sun, and rain; the dome protects an entire world of politics and analytical thinking which functions to serve nearly 40 million people.

Before I had the opportunity to live in Sacramento, I wondered why our Golden State's Capitol was here.  It seemed like a place so detached from the large, urban, and metropolitan city centers of the state. I've been surprised to learn how unique Sacramento is in tying all of the aspects of California together. I am now mesmerized by what is contained under the Capitol dome, not to mention all of the other departments outside of the building that regulate California’s communities. The dome supports a body of processes, collaboration, representation, analysis, and coordination. 

Literally and metaphorically, it is easy to get lost in the maze of halls, offices, and history in the Capitol building. I am fortunate to be working with an office entirely composed of mentors and young individuals completely willing to guide me, teach me, and show me the ways of California’s political system. I am thankful for this amazing opportunity to participate in this summer's Cal-in-Sacramento program. I already know it will be a summer filled with learning and making incredible memories.