Behind the Scenes

I had the opportunity to witness a child birth a few years ago; I realized how involved nurses are in the baby-delivering process, at times far more than the doctor. This was an eye opening experience because my whole life I had always thought that doctors delivered babies.

This summer has also been a perspective-changing experience. I have had the opportunity to witness the California lawmaking process firsthand. A bill can start out as a simple idea that is molded and formulated into a feasible statute. In a web of lobbyists, activists, consultants, and legislative staff, an idea that is pushed through with passion and deep analysis has the potential to change lives and shift the future of the 6th largest economy in the world and nearly 13 percent of the entire U.S. population.

Working in the Capitol has made me realize that, similar to how doctors are not the only ones to deliver babies, the governor, assemblymembers and senators are not the only individuals involved in the lawmaking process. Behind the scenes are critical and analytical working minds: legislative directors, legislative aides, committee staff, lobbyists, and even interns.