Yvonne Dorantes

Policy Analyst
California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Office of Assemblymember Rudy Salas

Yvonne is a rising second year majoring in Political Science specializing in International Relations and pursuing a minor in Conservation and Resource Studies. Yvonne was once headed into the medical field, this was until she began participating in local and state speech and debate tournaments. Through participating in these tournaments and working closely with the Migrant Education Program for many years, Yvonne developed a great interest for politics and the type of analysis involved in many processes of the legal system. 

Yvonne was raised in a small ranch in the Salinas Valley, this has allowed for first-hand experience in environmental health problems, effects of immigration policies, and diverse educational programs. Yvonne has been working with the Residential Sustainability Program at UC Berkeley as well as the Berkeley Pre-College TRIO Programs. As Yvonne got involved working and learning about social and environmental issues alongside the legislations, she realized the need for advocacy and deep legislative analysis. Yvonne hopes to gain a lot of insight and experience this summer working for Assemblymember Rudy Salas to be put to good use later. 


I had the opportunity to witness a child birth a few years ago; I realized how involved nurses are in the baby-delivering process, at times far more than the doctor. This was an eye opening experience because my whole life I had always thought that doctors delivered babies. This summer has also...
Cal-in-Sac Fellow Yvonne Dorantes with legislative staff
The dome at the California Capitol building not only covers those inside from the three digit weather, a bright sun, and rain; the dome protects an entire world of politics and analytical thinking which functions to serve nearly 40 million people. Before I had the opportunity to live in Sacramento...