Nadia Almasalkhi

Research Interests:
forced migrations, xenophobia, the Levant, postcolonial theory, urban geography, transnationalism

Nadia Almasalkhi joined the department in 2018 after graduating from the University of Kentucky with degrees in International Studies, Arabic & Islamic Studies, and French.

Her MA project is underway, and investigates the political socialization processes experienced by Syrians, and the current political outlook and behavior of Syrians in U.S. She is currently recruiting Syrian immigrant adults living in the Los Angeles and Orange County area for confidential research interviews. Interview participants must have left Syria before 2013, and must now be U.S. permanent residents or citizens. Reach out to Nadia if you're interested or know someone who might be!

Nadia has a passion for mentoring others, and encourages prospective students with similar interests or backgrounds to email her if they want a student's perspective on Cal.