Mengyu Dong

Wilson Center
Political Science; History

Mengyu Dong is a 4th-year Cal student double majoring in Political Science and History. She is excited at the opportunity to spend a semester in Washington, D.C., and hopes to open her mind to different views on topics that she has already learned about through books and professors at Cal. She is most looking forward to utilizing the knowledge and skills she has gained at Cal to make contributions to the real world. "Thank you to the Matsui Center for this incredible opportunity!"


The prolonged winter in DC is over. This past week, the temperature has consistently been around 60F. And the once chilly and aloof DC starts to strike people with its cuteness by offering thousands of cherry blossoms and magnolias. After work, I took a walk at the Washington Monument and WWII...
The Library of Congress was one of the biggest incentives behind my UCDC application. As my work at the Wilson Center is picking up, I have become a frequent patron of the LOC. A good thing about working in a think tank is the flexibility of your schedule. Unlike my friends who work, say, at the...
I never realized how much I had been enslaved to my cell phone until three weeks ago. I went skiing in Maryland--- Yes, they do have a couple of ski resorts around D.C., nothing like Lake Tahoe, though --- with three friends from UCDC, and accidentally gave my cell phone a mountain funeral. Since...