Leticia Landa

Deputy Director
La Cocina

Leticia learned about La Cocina by reading a newspaper article about El Huarache Loco (a graduate) when she was in college, studying Anthropology at Harvard. She joined La Cocina in early 2008 as the third staff member. Throughout her career at La Cocina, Leticia has relied on her experience being the daughter of Mexican immigrants who moved to the US and started a business, to fuel her strong belief that business ownership can be transformative, particularly for women, immigrants and people of color. She is passionate about food and cooking, particularly the way sharing food transmits memory. Fluent in Spanish and French, Leticia has loved learning from the 100+ entrepreneurs she's worked with about food traditions from all over the world. Now Deputy Director of La Cocina, Leticia has worn almost every hat at the organization over the last decade: writing grants, developing the incubator program, working directly with business owners, managing volunteers, and consulting with other incubators. Leticia has provided vision and strategy for the organization's tremendous growth, which has led to the organization's international recognition. One of her favorite recent projects has been co-authoring We Are La Cocina, a cookbook published by Chronicle Books in 2019.