Jae Won "Jake" Sim


Jae Won, or Jake Sim is a senior at Cal majoring in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Human Rights. Growing up as an immigrant in LA after moving from Korea at 5 years old, he was exposed to a variety of the life struggles faced by low-income communities of color and immigrants in the area. Having witnessed the difficulties for many in accessing public services through language, cultural, economic, and legal barriers, especially now with times of increasing rent and housing inequality, Jake hopes to represent and advocate for a local environment in which diverse communities can live healthily and happily with decent education, housing and basic needs met.

Currently, he serves as an appointee on the City of Berkeley Human Welfare and Community Action Committee to advocate for the needs of the poor, disabled, elderly, and homeless while reviewing uses of funding to local non-profits. He also works in the UC Berkeley Basic Needs Center as a CalFresh Ambassador, working toward food justice by conducting outreach to students on food assistance and helping them to sign up for EBT through the county. Lastly, he is proud to also work at the Berkeley MLK Jr. Youth Services Center as an assistant for the afterschool youth boxing program.

This summer, he hopes to delve deeper into local public administration and researching public policy to better serve the residents of the East Bay and Alameda County and in Oakland to fight displacement due to gentrification and help low-income working class families that are suffering.