Isaac Weinberg

San Francisco Department of Technology

Zack Weinberg is a rising fourth-year Cognitive Science major with Computer Science and Public Policy minors. His passion for working to bridge inequality gaps emerged from his experience as a Leadership Council-member for PHE, teaching weekly workshops in high schools in underserved neighborhoods. With a strong belief in the importance of leveraging technology to help mitigate economic and social inequalities, he wants to combine evidence-based policymaking with technology to support underserved areas. He hopes to learn about the use of data to develop policy, and about the most pressing policy issues in today’s ever-changing digital world. After graduating, Zack hopes to work to increase access to and use of technological resources in Bay Area homes and schools.


Demonstrating the real-world effects of net neutrality, and of losing it, can be difficult. It can be hard to illustrate how removing FCC rules preventing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from doing certain things has a very real impact on everyday consumers and disadvantages lower income internet...