Gillian Peele

First Fellow and Tutor in Politics
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University

I recently (September 2016) retired from teaching at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford since 1975 when I took up the position of the first Fellow and Tutor in Politics there. My primary interests are in empirical politics and I have published in the field of British, American and comparative politics. In addition to my more specialist research interests, I have enjoyed writing and editing books which make political developments available to a broader audience. Such books include two works in the Developments series (Developments in British Politics and Developments in American Politics as well as a text on British Government (Governing the UK ) and the Blackwells series on modern governments. I have served on a number of public bodies and academic editorial boards.

My most recent publications are The Regulation of Standards of Standards in British Public Life: Doing the Right Thing? (with David Hine) Manchester University Press 2016 and David Cameron and Conservative Renewal:The Limits of Modernisation? Manchester University Press 2016 (edited with John Francis). The 8th volume of Developments in American Politics (edited with C.J.Bailey, Bruce Cain, Jon  Herbert and B. Guy Peters is in press with Palgrave Macmillan.