Duf Sundheim

Former Chair
California Republican Party

Duf Sundheim has been active in Republican Party politics since he served as a page in the Illinois State Legislature at age 18. Mr. Sundheim’s focus has been government reform and increased citizen participation in the political process. As Chairman of the California Republican Party (2003-07) Duf played a critical role in the only successful recall of a sitting governor in modern history.  He also led a a voter registration effort which the Republican National Committee recognized as the best in the the nation and led to (a) the smallest differential between Republicans and Democrats since the Great Depression and enabled Governor Schwartzenegger to set modern records for the percentage of women and minorities that voted for a Republican.

Recently Mr. Sundheim played a key role in the adoption of the new Redistricting and Open Primary systems. Among his other activities, Mr. Sundheim currently is working on government pension reform measures and regularly appears on national and regional television shows as a political commentator.

Mr. Sundheim received his B.A. in Economics with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University, where he won two letters in football. He received his J.D. from Northwestern University Law School, attending with the aid of an Exceptional Student Post-Graduate Fellowship. He is also a recipient of the California State Bar Pro Bono Award.

Mr. Sundheim and his wife Cheryl live in Los Altos Hills, California. They have two adult children.