David Mkrtchian

President’s Council of Economic Advisors
Economics and Legal Studies

My name is David Mkrtchian and I am a third year student double majoring in Economics and Legal Studies. I am extremely interested in pursuing an economic policy internship this coming fall. In particular, I am interested in the economics of financial regulation and economic development. This past summer, I interned for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Since then, I have performed research for the Central Bank of Armenia on using political risk insurance as a developmental tool. Currently, I am performing research for Professor Robert Cooter of Boalt Law School on the impact of intellectual property law on economic growth. I look forward to interning in Washington, D.C. to apply what I have learned in the classroom and observe how policy is actually implemented. I am extremely grateful to the Matsui Center for supporting my internship and study with the UCDC Center.


David Mkrtchian, Matsui Washington Fellows
I just recently left the nation’s capitol, in a whirlwind of work that left me exhausted but content. I thought I would share my concluding thoughts on D.C. I arrived in D.C. with very little in the way of expectations. But I left D.C. with a desire to return to policy making soon. One of the most...
David Mkrtchian, Matsui Washington Fellows
For this blogpost, I would like to share two observations. The first is on my experience visiting New York this past weekend. The second is on my continuing internship in Washington, D.C. New York This past weekend I had the luxury of visiting New York again. This time I went to New York to visit...
David Mkrtchian, Matsui Washington Fellows
For this blog post, I would like to discuss the difference between D.C. and California in terms of transit, and the difference between Norfolk, Virginia and San Francisco in terms of urban planning. One of the most underappreciated parts of Washington, D.C. is its transit convenience. Because...
David Mkrtchian, Matsui Washington Fellows
I suppose the right place to begin this blog post is Evans 10, in my first Macroeconomics lecture at Berkeley. The instructors, a husband and wife dynamic duo, were teaching us about the economic history of the United States starting from the Great Depression. This was a double irony. As Professor...