Where is the IGS Library?
109 Moses Hall. The library entrance is right next to the elevator on the first floor.

How can I contact the IGS Library?
You can call the Library‘s reference and circulation desk at (510) 642-1472 or you can email us at igsl [at] berkeley.edu

When is the IGS Library open?
10am to 5pm, Mon. through Friday (closed weekends). We offer reference service by appointment. Email us at igsl [at] berkeley.edu for an appointment.

Can I check out items from the library?
Yes. Many IGSL materials can be checked out though some items are too fragile or rare for check-out, and can only be used in the reading room.

How do I find materials that are part of the library‘s collection?
The Library's catalogs are a mix of online, card and book catalogs covering different time periods. Search OskiCat for all material cataloged since 1983.

Earlier materials can be found through our subject book catalog (1918-77), subject card catalog (1978-83), and author card catalog (1918-83). These catalogs will require staff assistance and we recommend calling before you come in to search for earlier materials.

Where are IGSL materials located?
The library‘s materials are located primarily in the basement of Moses Hall. Patrons cannot browse materials directly but staff will page any materials a patron requests.

Some materials are kept at the NRLF storage facility in Richmond. Patrons may request IGS NRLF items via OskiCat. NRLF materials generally take 1-2 weekdays to arrive. Materials requested on a Friday will not arrive until Monday afternoon.

How do I get research help from the IGS Library?
Reference help is available by appointment. We can assist you with locating materials, beginning a book or article search, finding specific information, etc.
Please email us at igsl [at] berkeley.edu to schedule an appointment. 

What kind of materials does the IGS Library have?
The IGS Library is one of the nation's premier libraries of nontrade and ephemeral materials on American and California public affairs and policy. Pamphlets and unbound reports from a broad spectrum of public interest organizations, research institutes, government agencies, and other public policy bodies are the heart of the collection.

The Library also has a strong core collection of books and journals on American political science and public administration and California politics. The collection contains more than 400,000 catalogued items and 1,200 active serial titles.

How do I access library resources from off campus?
See the "Connect from off campus" page.

Where can I search for online articles?
In Oskicat, the Find Articles link is a good place to start.

Where can I see a map of the libraries?

Can I study at the IGS Library?
UC students are welcome to use the library reading room to study. It is a relatively small space and during busy times, it will not be the quietest library on campus.
Members of the public are welcome to use the space as well.

How can I find a job in the Library?
Students wishing to apply for workstudy positions at IGSL should check the campus work study website.

Does the IGS Library have a scanner? 
The library has a BookScan station which scans images up to 11"x17". Scanning to a USB drive is free.
Single-sided black-and-white prints are 8 cents each (letter and legal size). Double-sided black-and-white prints are 14 cents each (letter and legal size). Other printing costs are described on this page

Where can I find a list of library hours?
You can find the hours for IGSL and other campus libraries at the Main library hours site.

Is the Library wheelchair accessible?
Yes. Patrons in wheelchairs can access the library through the first floor entrance to Moses Hall.

Does the library hold items?
Yes. The library will hold any items we pull up for you for as long as you need, space permitting.

Can I returns books from other libraries to IGSL?
Yes, give your books to a staff member at the reference desk to ensure return. IGSL has no book drop.  

The book I searched for isn't available here. Can I get books and articles from outside the UC Berkeley libraries?
Yes, there are several ways to do this. Find out more from the Interlibrary Borrowing Services website.

What subject areas does the IGS Library cover?

The library covers 3 broad subject areas: institutions, the political process and policy making, and public policy issues.

  • Institutions: There is strong coverage of Congress and the presidency, the California state legislature and governorship, and California local government. Also well covered are concepts and problems of federalism and intergovernmental relations, as well as state and local government generally.
  • The political process and policymaking. There is broad coverage of political parties, elections and practical politics, the legislative process, legislative-executive relations, the initiative and referendum, and public administration.
  • Public policy issues. A diverse array of public policy issues is represented in the collection, and more are added all the time as new issues enter the political process and gain the attention of policymakers. Some general public policy strengths are public finance and taxation, educational and health care reform, contracting out and deregulation, environmental protection, and city and regional planning. The overall focus is domestic policy, with a geographical emphasis on California.