Wednesday, June 25, 2014 (All day) to Thursday, June 26, 2014 (All day)
119 Moses Hall (Harris Room)
UC Berkeley

Interested in participating? Please send an email to kenneth.a.pettersen [at]

Kenneth Pettersen, visiting scholar at IGS this semester, will be hosting a research workshop with participants from Norway and the US June 25-26. The workshop is part of the REALTRANS project and financed by the Norwegian Research Council’s TRANSIKK program.                   
The REALTRANS project is concerned with the relationship between change and reliability in transportation, such as implementation of new technology, infrastructure developments and redesigns of organization structures and the consequences such changes may have for the reliability of outputs in high risk systems. New economic targets and restructuring design options set by leaders and public officials are in many critical infrastructures, including transportation, causing variations in structures, processes and tasks that are changing the conditions under which systems are operating. By so doing, minor or major parts of our critical infrastructure systems may be drifting; gradually changing their conditions of production with the wrong perception or misunderstanding across organizational interfaces or other social relationships. Drift is related to people misunderstanding or not acknowledging the relationship between change, such as new goals and environmental demands, and structural adaptations in organizations. Subsequently we may not be taking the necessary steps to assure reliability of outputs across levels (i.e. the constancy of services, including the safety of core activities and processes). 

Wednesday, June 25
10:00 - Welcome - Kenneth Pettersen, University of Stavanger and Todd La Porte, UC Berkeley
10:30 - REALTRANS project presentation - Ole Andreas Engen, University of Stavanger, Norway
11:15 - "Varieties of Drift" - Ragnar Rosness, SINTEF, Norway
12:30 - Lunch, IGS location
14:05 - "Drift and automation: - Ron Westrum, Eastern Michigan University and University of Stavanger
15:30 - Discussion
16:30 - End of day I

Thursday June 26
10:00 - Recap from day I
10:35 - "Reliability professionals and Drift" - Paul Schulman, Mills College
12:00 - Lunch, Woman's Faculty Club and CAL walk
14:00 - REALTRANS Postdoctoral project presentation - Theoretical framework and empirical study plans, Kenneth Pettersen, University of Stavanger
16:00 - Comments, Todd LaPorte, UC Berkeley
16:30 - Discussion
17:30 - End of day II