Election 2016: California and the Country

ballot box with California flag in background
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
12:30pm to 7:30pm
The National Press Club
Washington DC

Journalists, political practitioners, and scholars gather for an examination of the 2016 election and a look forward to the next stage in American politics, both across the country and in the nation’s largest state.

Registration is free and open to the public.

Opening Remarks

  • Jack Citrin, Director, Institute of Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley
  • William Brandt, President and CEO, Development Specialists, Inc.

12:30-2 pm
California Dreaming: 2016 in the Golden State

California often serves as a harbinger of the future. What’s the next big thing from this election cycle that California politics will export to the rest of the nation? Our experts examine the 2016 cycle in the Golden State and discuss the political trends, issues and candidates that are likely to emerge from California and play a critical national role in the future.

  • Jim Brulte, Chairman, California Republican Party
  • Thad Kousser, Professor of Political Science, UC San Diego
  • Carla Marinucci, California Playbook, Politico
  • John A. Perez, Speaker Emeritus, California Assembly
  • Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle, moderator

2:15-3:45 pm
The National Election: The Media and the Campaign

The 2016 election featured extraordinary campaigns amid a changing media landscape and widely different approaches to media use by the campaigns. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign posed an unexpectedly strong challenge to eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, while Donald Trump captured the Republican nomination despite opposition from within the party. This panel will examine how the media covered and affected these campaigns, including topics such as the increasingly partisan nature of much media coverage and Trump’s unprecedented ability to generate media coverage.

  • Jason Johnson, Professor, School of Global Journalism & Communication, Morgan State University
  • Brianna Keilar, Senior Political Correspondent, CNN
  • Tamara Keith, White House Correspondent, NPR
  • Lynn Sweet, Washington Bureau Chief, Chicago Sun-Times
  • Marc Sandalow, Associate Academic Director of the University of California Washington Program, moderator

4-6 pm
Governing in the Wake of the Election: Where Do We Go from Here?

After an extraordinary presidential election, we examine the impact of the 2016 election and the likely next stage in American politics. Did the Trump and Sanders candidacies signal some fundamental shift in American politics? Does the outcome of the presidential election – whatever that turns out to be – signal some new stage in American politics? And what should we expect from the new president as he or she begins a new administration?

  • Rep. Xavier Becerra, Chairman, House Democratic Caucus
  • Peter D. Hart, founder, Hart Research Associates
  • Steven F. Hayward, Visiting Scholar, Institute of Governmental Studies
  • Tom Mann, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Governmental Studies
  • Duf Sundheim, former Chairman, California Republican Party
  • Kelly Jane Torrance, deputy managing editor, The Weekly Standard
  • Amy Walter, National Editor, Cook Political Report, moderator

6-7:30 pm

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