Lisa Garcia Bedolla

Welcome to the Institute of Governmental Studies website.  Let me introduce you to our Institute.

The Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) is an interdisciplinary organized research unit on the UC Berkeley campus. Founded in 1919 as the Bureau of Public Administration, the Institute had from the very beginning close relations with California’s state and local government and worked collaboratively to advance good governance.

IGS promotes research, educational activities, and public service in the areas of American and California politics and broad domains of public policy, including term limits, campaign finance, redistricting, direct democracy, immigration, judicial behavior, and American political development. Today we have extended our intellectual reach to include the study of defense and national security policy, the comparative study of national identities, and urban politics and government.

IGS emphasizes blending our academic mission with a public service role that engages public officials and journalists in both California and the nation. Our conferences generally include experts from government, think tanks, and non-governmental organizations.

IGS has an interdisciplinary core faculty from political science, sociology, public policy, law, business, and history. These faculty members lead seminars, organize conferences, and implement their research through the Institute.

IGS has a strong connection to both graduate and undergraduate education. For graduate students, we provide ongoing research support.  For undergraduates, IGS’s Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service administers internships and programs in Sacramento, Washington DC, and the Bay Area’s local government.  IGS also creates numerous public forums for visiting speakers to interact with Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students.

IGS is the home of a unique library with a large collection of materials relating to California state and local government.  The library is a crucial support for entry into the University for public officials and non-governmental research and civic groups.

IGS also is the publisher of numerous books about California politics, including an e-journal, the California Journal of Politics and Policy.

IGS is funded only in part by the state legislature.  We rely heavily on extramural grants from organizations such as the National Science Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, the Hewlett Fund, the Public Policy Institute of California, the Irvine Fund, and the U.S. Department of Education.  Thanks to the support of its National Advisory Council, IGS has for the past 5 years received about $200,000 annually from private donations and a current endowment worth almost $12.3 million.  This support enables the Institute to conduct its myriad of activities and remain a recognized leader in research and public service in the University of California system. We encourage you to visit us through our website, attend our activities, and support us in building for the future.

Lisa García Bedolla, IGS Director